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What EMH does for us

- keeping our sea history alive

Monday, 26 April 2021

Continued sailing (and therefore survival) for the operators of traditional sail, steam and motor vessels around the coasts of Europe, the North Sea, the Mediterranean, inland waters and many other areas requires co-operation and shared values. Fortunately pre-Covid we have built excellent relations and good understanding. European Maritime Heritage is at the centre of these efforts to support the preservation and protection of our unique working maritime heritage.

By bringing together those with common interests in maintaining old vessels across the whole of Europe, EMH can lobby effectively with a wide range of international organisations. It supports those looking to prevent destruction – whether a wooden boat, cultural relics and records or machinery. It lobbies to prevent new regulations discriminating against traditional vessels and stopping their operation. It promotes museum and heritage harbours so that historic vessels can help regenerate port areas and brings together the operators of vessels to exchange lessons on how to keep sailing. Its initiatives include the Barcelona Charter (to give recognition to historic vessels) and it has recently established a new charitable foundation to give grants to projects which can bring the skills of traditional seafaring to people who would not otherwise benefit.

Maritime Heritage Trust has played a critical role in EMH over many years for example through MHT Chairman David Morgan who as EMH President oversaw transformation of the Association into a legal entity giving it the ability to be recognised by funding bodies such as the EU and the ability to support others.

Thomas Hoppe is the current Secretary and Vice Chairman of EMH and has close links with the UK. The late John Robinson gave his time freely to help establish maritime heritage around the Mediterranean and in the Baltic. Today Scott Pereira is our national representative and Brian Corbett is on the Board of the EMH Charitable Foundation.





  • Online with Zoom 19:00 - 20:30


  • Creating community and individual benefits using historic boats and ships

    Creating community and individual benefits using historic boats and ships

    Hear from projects across the UK on how to deliver life changing benefits for individuals and communities through historic vessel activities

    Online Zoom Event 19:30 - 21:00

    This webinar will examine the positive impact that maritime heritage can have for the wider community and the life-changing experiences that engagement with historic vessels can bring to individuals through volunteering, skills training, educational initiatives or well-being opportunities. It will share details of projects and outreach work aimed at integrating people with heritage.
    This will inform a panel question and answer session to stimulate group discussion, offering the audience useful examples and case studies to draw on.

Recent Events

  • Passengers on historic ships

    Passengers on historic ships

    John Megoran looks at the post pandemic challenges facing historic passenger vessel operators around the UK and  at possible solutions.

  • A historic ship or boat as a home

    A historic ship or boat as a home

    Scott and Hilary Pereira  (Swedish motor yacht Lilian) talk about the potential for residential use to help sustain historic craft. 

  • What EMH does for us

    What EMH does for us

    Get the inside story on how we get on with our seafaring neighbours and help in our time of need - with David Morgan and Thomas Hoppe.

  • Heritage Barge Days at ExCel

    Heritage Barge Days at ExCel

    As part of Newham Heritage Month the Thames sailing barge Blue Mermaid - will be visiting the ExCel centre in the Royal Docks and will be welcoming visitors aboard.

  • Cowes and Isle of Wight

    Cowes and Isle of Wight

    A flexible programme, joint visit with Association of Yachting Historians on 24/25 September (join on either day) led by Brian Corbett (MHT Trustee, OGA , MHT and OGA Rep. European Maritime Heritage (EMH) and Association of Yachting Historians)

  • Time for a new approach on saving historic vessels?

    Time for a new approach on saving historic vessels?

    What future for our historic ships?

    Preserving ships and boats has always been in the “too difficult” box; despite some real successes, over the last 20 years we have seen continuing losses of historic warships, small steamers and sailing vessels. While some operating vessels have benefitted from “staycation” in the last 2 years, others have struggled to run at all. 

    How sustainable are some of our current approaches to preserving and operating historic vessels?

  • Getting On Board?

    Getting On Board?

    Online Zoom Event 19:30 - 21:00

    How can historic vessels draw in new people and stay relevant, reaching out beyond existing supporters, using social media, online promotion and community “offer”, and convert that into supporters, visitors, volunteers or contributors?

    It’s still an experimental area and no one has all the answers. This discussion will share views on different techniques through presentations, a speaker panel with time for questions from attendees.