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Timebanking: less formal alternative to volunteering?

Timebanking: less formal alternative to volunteering?

We all know how important it is for people to share skills in order to keep historic vessels afloat and maritime skills ongoing. Timebanking is a formalised way of doing just that skill sharing and helping people to pool their knowledge, energy and skills within a community, recognising that everyone has something to share.

In Timebanking, for every hour you spend helping someone or an organisation, you receive an hour’s time back in return, which can be kept until you need it. It’s a great way to swap skills and  offer to do something you enjoy to help your community. You can ask for help from your community in return. Painting, sanding, cleaning, delivering leaflets, digital skills, making cakes, event hosting...someone will be able to help. In some cases you can even exchange your banked time for vouchers or tickets for local or national attractions.

You can use the map and search features on Timebanking UK to find one of the many Timebanks around the UK and see what is going on in your local area. Get in touch with the main contact who helps to broker these skills exchanges and see how you or your organisation could get involved. From the admin and dinghy-sailing time being offered at Torquay Timebank to a partnership scheme with Cadw, which enables Timebank users to spend their banked time credits on visiting historic monuments around Wales, Timebanking is an important alternative to volunteering which could support you or a maritime heritage project. You’ll be making a big difference to your local community as well.

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