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The Steamboat Association (GB)

The Steam Boat Association of Great Britain(SBA) was formed in 1971 to promote the enjoyment of steamboats and to represent the interests of steamboat owners.

Membership is open to all steamboat enthusiasts, in the UK and overseas, whether or not they own a steamboat.

The Association holds regattas and cruises throughout the year plus national and regional social gatherings and technical seminars on all aspects of steam launch engineering. We regularly provide displays at model engineering exhibitions.

The activities of the SBA are recorded in our quarterly journal The Funnel which is free to members. The Association has also produced a number of technical publications based on the collective experience of our members including an illustrated register of members' boats with technical descriptions.

The SBA provides members with services such as boiler inspection facilities and special insurance arrangements for boats and machinery. In addition, members may purchase a range of customised accessories from burgees to umbrellas!

Membership Information

Worldwide Membership - £28-00
UK Membership for individuals or families - £22-00
UK Retired Membership(age 65 years or more) - £20-00
UK Junior Membership(under 18 years of age or under 21 if in full-time education) - £12-00


  • Mike Cole
  • Membership Secretary


  • 0151 512 5294
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.