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Swansea Museum

Swansea Museum is a real treasure house of the ordinary and the extraordinary from Swansea past and present, and is a focus for the future of the city and its people.

The Museum has many boats in its collection and three of these are kept floating in Swansea Marina.

Lightship 91, known as 'Helwick', spent much of its life warning ships about the Helwick Sandbank in the Bristol Channel. Visitors can visit most parts of the boat to see the crew's quarters, a view into the engine room and the upper deck with its all important light.

A tug boat called 'Canning' was built in 1954. She is an oil-burning steam tug who worked from Swansea Docks from 1966. She retired to the Museum in 1975. There is no public access to Canning but she can be seen clearly from the pontoon and dockside.

Our third floating vessel is 'Olga', a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter built in 1909. This type of fast boat was used to take pilots out to larger ships to guide them through the difficult waters of the Bristol Channel. Like 'Helwick', 'Olga' is an important and rare survivor from a past time and is listed on the National Historic Ships Committee Core Collection list.

Access to the boats is possible in June, July and August. The entrance to the pontoon is on Museum Square, near the Waterfront Tavern. The pontoon is accessible to wheelchair users, but unfortunately none of the boats are accessible.

Other vessels are kept at the Museum's Collections Centre including two lifeboats; the Naomi Beatty and the William Gammon.


Boats in Swansea Marina in June July & August:

Open Tuesday - Sunday 
10am - 5pm
Closed Mondays except Bank Holiday Mondays

Collections Centre:

every Wednesday, 10am to 4pm




  • Victoria Rd
  • Swansea
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