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Thames Barges at risk

Thames Barges at risk

Over the past few weeks there has been concern about the effect that future council increases in wharfage and parking charges on Maldon's Hythe Quay and historic Thames barges, owners and local Essex businesses.

Maldon and Heybridge Heritage Harbour Group have set up an e-petition on the local Maldon District Council website.

It is hoped that the petition will show the local support for maritime heritage and how important it is to keep any fee increases viable. Barge owners, groups and businesses will be working with the council to protect the historic Essex Quay.

Maritime Heritage Trust fully supports the work of the local Maldon and Heybridge Heritage Harbour Group in safeguarding these maritime heritage assets. See below a letter of support from David Morgan, Chairperson of MHT.

Thames Barges photo by Rob Mitchell [CC0]