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Hermitage Community Moorings

Hermitage Community Moorings (HCM) is a co-operative which owns and operates a mooring on the Thames at Hermitage Wharf, Wapping.

The mooring provides berths for up to 20 vessels: enabling a mixture of live-aboard, recreational and visitor use. HCM provides well-managed river access for local people, including educational and recreational facilities.

The infrastructure is designed to create a small, close-knit community of people committed to boat use and the preservation of historic craft.

Part of the ambition is to ensure traditional river craft (e.g. sailing barges, tugs and motor craft) remain part of the Wapping landscape for future generations – and to create a local landmark that promotes Wapping’s historic links with the river.

Pier House

The HCM Pier House is available for hire.

Visitor berths

We are currently able to provide short stay and long stay berths at this unique location in the heart of London

Membership Information

Hermitage is looking for applicants with suitable historic craft built prior to 1965 to join this unique self managed mooring development. Applicants should either currently own or be prepared to purchase a vessel that is in original or ‘in trade’ condition and has not been significantly altered through conversion to residential use.


  • Moorings Manager
  • 16 Wapping High Street
  • London
  • E1W 1NG


  • 020 7481 2122
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.