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Get people power for your heritage project

Get people power for your heritage project

This New Year, many people won’t be joining a gym to keep fit, they’ll be running to a help a community project or person.

All over the UK, Goodgym organises sessions where volunteers help a local project with irregular physical tasks that need doing, as a way of contributing to the community while staying active. Goodgym volunteers shift chairs in churches, take down tents in cemeteries and decorate historic houses for Halloween  and much more, each week, for free. 

Before Christmas, Goodgym volunteers ran twice to Pioneer Sailing Trust in Brightlingsea to help with tidying and cleaning on board Essex smack Pioneer. Similarly, they could help you for free with non-technical tasks needing a bit of people power. 

To find out more about the good deeds volunteers do every week, get involved or request some help, take a look at the Goodgym website.